Rave Reviews

“This set is like having an attorney on retainer – one who explains things in detail and in a way you can understand.”

“Keith Cooper goes through all the nuts and bolts–everything you need to know. Very easy to understand; the material is laid out well. At such a low price, I can’t believe it! And, boy, is it nice to have someone advising you who’s done work for the big guys!”

— Pat, producer in Detroit, MI


These lectures are priceless!!   Like having a top-notch lawyer on your shelf that you can access anytime you need him.   The money they have saved me in legal fees can now go towards my productions, which is AMAZING!”

— Robyn Bliley, Producer/Director, Circus Rosaire


“I’m so happy with these DVDs, I sincerely recommend them to every producer. Whether you’re new to producing or a seasoned pro, Keith’s DVDs will give you information you simply must have. The videos are supplemented with reference books and actual document copies on the same disks.

This DVD set will easily pay for itself the first time you need to refer back to it … and, trust me, you’re going to refer back to it many times!”

— Dave Gregory, producer/stereographer, Galaxie Entertainment Company


“I attended one of the top graduate film programs in the nation. When I graduated, I felt that my understanding of film law was the equivalent of 3 pieces of a 10-piece jigsaw puzzle. After seeing the Keith Cooper videos, I felt like I got those other 7 pieces, solid!”

— Grant R. Sheehan, screenwriter-producer


“Keith Cooper has created an amazing course on the legal issues that are involved with producing or executive producing a film. The content is wonderful and the graphics are excellent.  While the information is – by its very nature – complicated, Cooper manages to present it in a way that is easy to comprehend.  The graphics offer amazing support to the learning process.Best of all, you get far more information than you could ever get from sitting with an attorney for the same amount of (billable) hours!
Don’t even think about getting started before watching this valuable set of DVDs!

— Catherine Clinch, CEO, Nuclear Family Films



“These videos contain crucial, incredibly valuable information. I feel enlightened after experiencing the series, and will continue to use the information for the rest of my career. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

— Chad Wilson, Director of Photography, Progressive Productions


“Anyone working in the industry should get this set. It’s that simple!”

— Becky, film student